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About our Popcorn

All popcorn is available in 50 # bags, and soon in 1, 2, 5, and 10 lb. bags. All popcorn is available in baby or medium size popcorn.

Midnight Red - Once this dark kernel pops, it becomes a bright white puff and has a crunchy sound and a nutty flavor.

Rainbow Delight - If you can't decide which variety you want to try first, try them all at once. It will include large, medium, and small popcorn, but one great taste!

Ruby Red - This is one of the most popular popcorn varieties. It's a brilliant deep red kernel, which is crunchy and nutty.

Shaman Blue - Popcorn lovers who want to shove handfuls into their mouths will want this lightly sweet-tasting popcorn. This white fluffy popcorn will still leave your mouth watering and wanting more.

Autumn Blaze - This hulless popcorn variety is not only intensely satisfying to the palate, but adds fall charm to any decoration with its blend of bright yellow and red kernels.

Candy Stripe - This gourmet popcorn snack looks like mini peppermint striped candy before it's popped up into mini bites of popcorn. It's a sweeter taste than most popcorn varieties.

Baby Yellow - This hull on this tiny kernel disintegrates while popping, making it very tender and easy to digest (while leaving nothing to stick to your teeth). Many people call it Ladyfinger Popcorn.

Baby White - Like or baby yellow popcorn, this delicate popcorn is very tender and melts in your mouth.

Thistle Pink - Pretty as pink and sweet as can be. This variety pops BIG!

Sunburst - This gourmet popcorn, a great table decoration or conversation starter, has a deep golden center with red striped. This pops up to a medium sized appetizing treat that has a special crunch.

Baby Blue - Your popcorn collection would not be complete without this delicious taste. The hull on this popcorn is thin and is unnoticeable when you are eating it.

Weaver White and Weaver Gold - both available in 50 lb. bags

No-Measuring Naks Paks - 16 oz. size good for 12 to 14 oz kettles; 10.6 oz. size good for 6 to 8 oz. kettles; 5.5 oz. good for 4 oz. kettles or for your home Whirly pops.


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